Audi Coupé Project

Our limited edition. Sold out. Seriously.

We welcome you, Audi Fans!

this kit has only seen the light of day for a few hours and it was already sold out. We've received a lot of requests from you about making an exception, but we are seriously sold out. We're really sorry about this. It is a limited edition after all.


This kit is restricted to just 40 pieces. This is why we laid down some ground rules for all of you interested in getting one.

1. One kit per person

We restrict sales to one kit per person. Every collector and Audi-Lover should have the chance to get his hands on one of those unique kits. We call out for fairness amongst all of you buyers.

2. Cancellation fee is 50%

In case somebody cancels their order, we have to charge a fee of 50% of the product price. For most of you this is completely irrelevant. The idea behind this is to make sure that you are aware that we really put our hearts into this and we're only interested in serious buyers.

3. Shipping starts in December

We planned to get production in line in the 4th quarter of 2020. It will then start immediately and take some time. However, shipping will start around the end of 2020 and the beginning of 2020. 

5.798 EUR plus shipping

We ask a reasonable price for this body kit. However, Corona is monkey-wrenching us when it comes to shipping and we want to be completely transparent about this. Germany is not affected, but if you're reading this, you're probably outside of Germany.

Sales outside of the EU will be billed separately

For example, shipping to the US can be a bit of a challenge. Shipping to AZ will cost a lot more than shipping to L.A. and so on. So we can't tell you up front what shipping is going to cost. Feel free to get in touch with us before hand. You can also just order the kit, pay for it and then handle shipping and delivery separately.

Because of Corona, we can not predict the complexity of the delivery process, because we don't even know if air mail will be available at that time.

In the spirit of honesty and transparency, we rather put our cards on the table than disappoint you. Feel free to call or email us and we'll find a solution.


We're limited to 40 kits. When we're out, we're out.

Get your kit now.