Migrated from the PS4 to real life

A spectacular limited edition for the Volkswagen Beetle

In cooperation with JP Performance we created a beautiful Widebody-Kit for the VW Beetle. You recognize the car and it looks familiar? The reason for this is simple. It's based on the video game design of the Beetle in the Playstation Game 'Gran Turismo Sport'. 

SUPER IMPORTANT: Reservations will be accepted at noon on the 7th of March - German time

This means, that kits will actually get sold by mid April. But by then all of those will very likely already have been reserved. The reason for this is the German certification branch (TÜV) which will certify it for public roads. Should there still be kits available in April (which is very unlilkely) you will be able to pay for them here. Otherwise, make your reservation now. We're limited to 53 kits.

Ported from PS3 to reality

It is quite an impressive statement that the Prior Design team made. Thanks to their experience, they managed to achieve this goal in perfection. We created an almost perfect match of the video game car. All of the body components are the work of an artist of modern body-styling, that make the kind of chubby-looking VW look a lot more buff, masculine and aggressive.

Limited edition. Really really limited

Sony and Volkswagen both have signed off on this design kit officially. Therefore it will be limited to 53 kits only. World-wide. It doesn't get any more exclusive than this.

5.990 EUR plus shipping

The early bird catches the - kit...?

It gets better. All of the body-kits will be signed by Andreas Belzek and Jean-Pierre Kramer. So if you want one, you should have your finger on the trigger.

Based on our experience, kits that are this exclusive are generally sold out quickly. So if you want one, you better be fast.

The whole project has been developed and of course manufactured right here in Kamp-Lintfort, Germany. 

MADE in GERMANY. Literally.


Get yours now. We're limited to 53 kits.

What's gone is gone.